The early bird catches the… horse

Good morning from Manchester!

So I haven’t slept in over a day, I decided to stay up and watch movies, then after that, I discovered One Tree Hill on Lovefilm and since my friends have always been raving about it, I decided to give that a go; not ideal on the whole sleep front. Before I knew it, it was already light out so I decided to put on some shoes and take a look at the sun rising in the hope of getting one of those really cool time lapse photos.

It was a nice walk, I love this time of day, the streets are silent and often in the low lying areas you see this incredibly heavy fog collect there. Everything is really dewy and pristine; unspoilt. After about an hour or so, I started walking back as I thought it was too cloudy but then it hit me in all its glory! glory almost immediately obscured by yet more cloud – one of the few perks of living in The North, yay…

That being said, I met this lovely lady, also up at 5am, feeding the horses and so I got real up and close to one of them which was almost as good; better luck next time!

DSC_0030 DSC_0007



Lemme know what you think!

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