Often, hospital experiences aren’t pleasant experiences, most people will tell you that. This is why yesterday came as such a big surprise. I’m no stranger to hospitals, in multiple countries, and for me it’s been the case of always changing doctors and the classic lack of continuity experienced by a large body of patients in the NHS. I was booked in for an emergency appointment with the on call doctor as it was a Sunday morning, in my mind, I was thinking “great, I don’t eat to be here, he doesn’t want to be here, he’s probably just going to give me his seven minutes, nothing more, nothing less”. So I turned up to the clinic, disgruntled and walked in to the clinic, only to have him stop his current consultation with another patient and walk in to my nurse check up and personally welcome me, assuaging the nurse that he knows me very well and to just let me come through! Mr. C was a consultant that I’d been with a few times but I never really thought he’d remember me amongst the sea of other patients that he must see on a daily basis, but not only did he remember me, he fast tracked me and slightly twisted the arms of some departments to get me in today before my train back to uni. He gave me all the time in the world, assuring me that he wasn’t in a hurry and he wasn’t missing out on his Sunday roast because of me; I felt like he actually cared. Ill be happy, in te future, if I’m even a 10th of the doctor this man is as the way I was treated is the way, I’d hope, one day, every patient feels on coming to a hospital.



  1. Ann · April 26, 2013

    I am so glad for you to have received this experience, but please forgive my cynical attitude: Don’t you think it may have been because you are a student doctor? I would truly love to think this was the norm, but unfortunately it is not. But anyway, I wish you all success and pray that you will always do the decent thing for patients-Always!


    • brybry1993 · April 27, 2013

      Hey! Thanks for your comment. I thought along similar lines, whilst this was all happening, until he himself said that he does this for many of his other patients so doesn’t see why he wouldn’t do it for me, one of ‘his own’, either. To a certain extent it may have been a factor, or it may have just been because he is a genuinely nice consultant who wanted to see the best for his patient and tried to in the ways he knew how. It’s true that sometimes people can just get lost in the system and there are doctors that are just in it for the money or whatever else, but I hope that, one doctor at a time, we can change how we think about patients. This could mean sometimes doing things like this, or just being available for a chat and not making them feel like you’re too busy for a chat. Either way, he definitely inspired me on how to practice!


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